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Mike presented his Escape Velocity workshop to my peer group early in 2020. At that stage we were still early in the COVID pandemic.

The discussion that his presentation facilitated was not just thought provoking and challenging but it had a profound effect upon the thinking and planning process that many of those present will employ in the future.

Mike’s messages on intelligent and rigorous scenario planning and agility in response must become core leadership skills.

Chris Dyson, Executive Coach & Director

The Big Blue Box Ltd


"A good mentor always navigates the mentee to a solution or a next step; they don’t solve it for them. Help to remove roadblocks for your mentee, and alternatively, create bridges for them.

"That’s exactly what Mike has done with me."

Karim Lotfy - Head of Web Development

fabfab GMBH

Board and Advisory

"Mike's expertise across technology, people management, business transformation & change is invaluable. His impact to Wurqi has been significant. Supporting me across many areas – including to help shape and deliver our strategic and tactical objectives – Mike has become a core member of our senior team, with his contribution extending much more than just his title as NED."

Qasim Kirmani - CEO - Wurqi

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